Meet our Wardens: Nick & Jo (and a dog named Arlo!)

Meet our Wardens: Nick & Jo (and a dog named Arlo!)

A weekly blog of Rimington Wardens adventures by Nick & Jo Maxted – June 2019

So here is the start of our new blog.  We are two of the wardens at Holgates new Rimington Leisure Park and we want to show you all the great things you can do, see and experience when you come and stay with us.

In these posts we will share with you where we go, what we get up to and the best places to eat as we try and adventure our way through the season on our days off.

We are going to be looking at cycling, Mountain biking, Canoeing and Kayaking, which will be a first, Trials bike riding and walking.

In addition we will also feature some of the more extreme sports available in the area such as hang-gliding and hot air ballooning!

As well as all this, we will show you all the great places to eat, shop or just walk the dog.  As we have a little 9 month old pup, we will share all the best dog friendly pubs and places you can take your fur baby….if you have one.

In the heart of the Ribble Valley, Rimington is the perfect location to use as a base for an adventure holiday and whether you are looking to buy a holiday home, pick a seasonal pitch for your caravan or just visit for the weekend, there is enough around to keep you busy all year. We also have some fabulous holiday homes available for hire, if you fancy a bit of luxury to return to after your adventures.

Myself and Jo run the on-site bar here at Rimington, which is one of the most friendly little club bars you could wish for on a leisure park.  Once you have climbed to the top of Pendle hill or mountain biked down one of the red runs at Gisburn Forest, you can come back to rest at our peaceful campsite to recharge those batteries or Call into the bar and have a real fun night with everything from Bingo to Karaoke and even some live acts and tell us your experiences.

Follow our adventures each week as we experience things for the first time and share them with you so when you come you will feel like it’s a home from home.

Finally, feel free to share your adventures and even suggest things for us to see and do!

This Week’s Days out


Well Sunday’s weather wasn’t too kind to us, with wind and rain dominating the day, however by teatime the sun had come out and the wind eased a little.

So during the day we had a short drive to the famous Boundary Mill.  A fabulous retail outlet in Colne that has all your designer brands at discount prices and the fabulous Bannys British Kitchen that is a huge 280 seat Fish and chip shop that we have had a takeaway fish butty from that was very nice but not today.

On the drive there we passed Burwain Sailing club and Burwain Lake.  Something to check out in a later blog.  We also found out that  Foulridge Tunnel on the Leeds and Liverpool canal has now opened to canoeist and kayakers.  It’s a mile long tunnel that would make a scary canoe trip and a good one to tick off the list at some point.

So after buying our youngest son (25) a birthday present at Boundary mill we had set up a surprise meal for him at the amazing Spread Eagle pub in Sawley.

Just a 9 minute drive from the park this is a beautiful pub with some of the best food around.  Set on the corner of the tiny but picturesque village of Sawley, the river Ribble curves round the outside and is our go to place to just sit and enjoy the scenery and peacefulness.  When you’ve had a tough week, sitting here reminds us why we chose Rimington and the job we do. You can lose a couple of hours here.

All the food on the menu is of the highest quality.  We can thoroughly recommend the slow roasted lamb in a red wine sauce and the 8oz steak in a creamy peppercorn sauce.  The quality of the meat and the flavours of the sauces are more akin to a high quality restaurant than a pub.  In addition to the excellent food this is one of those places that dogs are very welcome and the friendly staff will bring your pooch a bowl of water without you having to ask plus there are free dog biscuits on the bar. Arlo gives this one a full 5 paws for service.

Across the road from the pub is Sawley Abbey.  A 12th century ruin that you can walk around with some interesting info boards and well worth the five or ten minutes it takes to walk around.


Monday dawned bright but very breezy.  We had planned a visit to the Ribchester Roman museum and bath house but we had also read about Brungerley Park being somewhere to walk around.

The park is just outside Clitheroe but has no parking other than on the road outside.  Its advertised as a sculpture park, which is a fantastic bonus if you have an interest in the arts.

Other than being a nice woodland walk that occasionally dips down to the river Ribble, it can be best described as a decent one and a half mile dog walk. Very pleasant and was sheltered from the breeze.  You can also cycle round if you want as the paths are either gravel or tarmac…  Arlo enjoyed it  and met plenty of other dogs on the walk.

A 15 minute drive further down the road and into the lovely little village of Ribchester. If all this exploring leaves you with little time to prepare a meal, there is a service station on the A59 with KFC, Subway and McDonalds all on site.

Ribchester is where a Roman Fort was established in 48 AD and stayed for around 300 years.  There are also the remains of a Roman Bath house here.  The museum is quite small but does occasionally feature re – enactments and outdoor displays.  Nothing on today but worth a quick look.

Dogs are not actually allowed in the museum but as it was very quiet Arlo was granted special permission if I carried him.

Ribchester is a gorgeous little village right on the river Ribble with some beautiful views of the riverside that make a very pleasant walk and reminiscent of the riverside by the Spread Eagle in Sawley.

From here we took a little mystery drive starting from the A59 onto the old Clitheroe Road over the back of Pendle hill towards Sabden.  At the top of the hill we got out for a walk.

Just below us was Pendle Ski club.  There they have a dry ski slope that is open all year round and have the benefit of a pub right next door.  We parked up and climbed the nearest small peak to see some spectacular views of both the Ribble valley and all the way to Preston, Blackburn and Burnley.  I swear you can virtually see the sea from up there.

We took Arlo for a very blustery walk over the back of Pendle Hill and then returned to the car to complete our mystery tour.

Following signs for Barley and Barrowford we picked up a sign for Barnoldswick down a road we haven’t travelled before.  Turns out it goes over the top of Foulridge canal tunnel and past the bird sanctuary at the side of Burwain lake, home of Burwain sailing club.  A nice looping drive around Pendle hill that brings you back into Gisburn and of course Rimington Leisure Park.  However, we decided to continue on and at Gisburn, instead of turning left to come home, we turned right and followed a tight and windy road through  the very quaint village of Bolton by Bowland.

This is something of a road cyclist route and there is a lovely little tea room there where you can recharge your batteries before tackling the fairly steep climb back to Gisburn if you are coming the other way.

Anyhow, as we passed through the village I recognised the road as that being the route to the very well stocked and again, worth a look, Holden Clough Nursery.  A great cafe there if you are in need of some tea and cake.  More importantly though just a little further down the road is the Spread Eagle pub and despite having tea there last night, we called in for a pint and a sit by the river to watch the ducks.

Arlo decided to have a paddle and mummy duck was showing off her very new ducklings that were absolutely tiny!  Being a bit more sheltered, we could feel the warm sunshine and it was nice to just relax for an hour watching the Martins darting over the river and the fish occasionally jumping to catch the flies.

We had spent six hours out and Arlo was asleep on the back seat so we opted to return to base at Rimington and consider whether to have a quick bike ride after tea.  Another fabulous day out that didn’t cost much at all.

Watch out for next weeks days out and about to see what else is so great about being based at Rimington Leisure Park!

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