7 Great Reasons to Buy a Holiday Home in 2020

7 Great Reasons to Buy a Holiday Home in 2020

Can you believe it? 2019 is almost over! As we take a minute to sit back and reflect on the year gone by, many people will be looking into 2020 to make exciting plans and goals. Whether it’s to become fit and healthy or to get out in nature more, those who are setting resolutions will be trying for a new year, new me; so perhaps 2020 is the year to do that one thing you’ve always wanted – to buy a holiday home.

Owning a holiday home is a dream for many for various reasons. Why not make 2020 the year of that dream coming true? Here are just a few reasons to buy a holiday home in 2020.


Work/Life Balance

Have you felt the effects of the workload in 2019? Well, a quarter of Brits now work well over 40 hours a week, so you’re not alone – however, that doesn’t make it any easier. Balancing home and family life with work and paying the bills is never easy, but when you have a retreat such as a holiday home, that stress can be eased.

Your holiday home is a slice of heaven when for you and your family when you feel you all need time to reconnect and bring back some much-needed work/life balance. It’s important for us all – even the boss! Don’t forget about this vital factor as we move into 2020.


Less Stress

Holidaying abroad can often mean long and tiring flights, restless kids and much more, which simply adds to the stress – which shouldn’t be occurring on your ‘relaxing’ getaway. Holiday homes create much less stress, certainly when it’s in the UK; just hop in the car and drive to your home away from home. You could even adventure out spontaneously, with no planning needed.

Many people would say that less travel stress leaves them feeling happier than a getaway abroad. Some even sleep better on a domestic holiday.



Ever stopped to think about why we crave a holiday? Because your body and mind are telling you it needs one. Numerous studies have suggested that those on holiday have much better resistance from stress, they get better sleep and even blood pressure can reduce!

When on holiday, we seem to generally live better. We eat better, exercise more, laugh, socialise, relax, get outdoors more and generally sleep better. And with the entire family involved, everyone can reap the benefits!

Instead of waiting months (or even years!) for a holiday, with your own holiday home, you could get away whenever and as often as you like for a health boost!


Flexibility & Affordability

Life is hectic. Would you agree? Whether you are a working parent or a busy business-person, the day to day routines can make it hard to even find time to relax. Sorry to say, but 2020 will most likely be similar! Many holiday parks, including Rimington Leisure Park, open all year round, so you can take that deserved break whenever you and your family can.

If you are a parent, you will also understand the stress over the legislation that prevents children being taken out of school in term time; this makes booking a holiday even more complex than it needs to be (and costly). With your home away from home, you won’t have to worry!

When it comes to cost, many people can be put off by this somewhat large purchase, however, when you add up the price of a couple of family holidays versus the cost of owning a holiday home, you can really see the true value. Holiday homes for sale at Rimington begin from as little as £20,000 for a pre-owned model and £34,000 for a new holiday home proving that holiday home ownership truly isn’t just for the wealthy.


Staycation Popularity

I know, we said the dreaded B-word, but let’s face the elephant in the room – Brexit. According to stats, more than a quarter of Brits are looking to buy a holiday home before Brexit happens. There is much uncertainty surrounding the housing market once the UK withdraws from the EU. Since the referendum vote in 2016, there has been a rise in staycations, and they are likely to continue to increase in popularity.

Property prices will continue to rise, alongside the uncertainty of future overseas holidays, so why not opt for a UK holiday home, still reap the benefits of a fantastic holiday, and save the hassle?


New Year, New Experiences

2020 could be your year to get adventurous and try new things. Having a base in somewhere as beautiful as the Ribble Valley, you will be situated in the ideal location for many exciting days out. It could be the year of your new kayaking hobby, or the year when you finally put those hiking boots to use. Your holiday home is your gateway to new prospects, and of course, a wonderful hub to retreat back to after all your new adventures.


Slice of Luxury

2019 has been full of ups and downs, trials and tribulations, but amongst the various positive moments, the negatives can often bring the overall year down. It’s fair to say you deserve an added slice of relaxation and luxury in the future. A holiday home could be just what you have been seeking. You could have a hub of relaxation, a place to call your own, and that slice of luxury you certainly deserve. Make 2020 a year for you and your family.


If we’ve sparked your interest, and you would like to know about buying a holiday home, please get in touch with our team who would be happy to answer any questions before you make the decision. Whatever your decision, the team at Rimington Leisure Park wish you health and happiness in 2020.

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